6 Ways Patients Win with TrialScope's Trial Results Summaries Portal

March 21, 2017 Francine Lane


Trial Results Summaries, also known as Lay-Language Summaries, or Plain-Language Summaries are documents that provide the results of a clinical trial in non-technical language that the general public can understand.  TrialScope has recently launched the Trial Results Summaries Portal to host these results with trial participants in mind.

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Here are 6 great ways trial participants win: 

1. The Trial Results Summaries Portal is designed with participants for participants

TrialScope worked with clinical trial participants, advocacy groups, and clinical trial sponsors to design an intuitive website that gives trial participants what they need when accessing their Trial Results Summaries, including navigation in several different languages.

2. Access to Trial Results Summaries sooner

Participants can get their results faster using the Trial Result Summaries Portal because there is no need to wait for the logistics of printing, shipping, and contacting trial participants once the summaries are available.  Clinical trial sponsors simply upload the Trial Results Summary to the website and the participant is notified within a few minutes of the upload. 

3. Guided search to help find clinical trials

Participants can find their trials through a guided search that helps refine the results based on condition being studied, the study location, and the dates when the study occurred.  Any or all of these criteria can be entered to filter the list of studies presented in the website, so that participants can always find their study, even if they don’t know the study number.

4. Notifications when a Trial Results Summary is available in the language of choice

Participants can subscribe to be notified when a Trial Results Summary is available for their study in the language of their choice.  Once the Trial Results Summary is posted to the portal in the selected language, the subscriber gets an email letting them know the results are available.  

5. Privacy

Participant privacy is maintained throughout the process.  Participants subscribing to a study only need to provide a valid email address to be notified when the Trial Results Summary is available.  These email addresses are not shared with clinical trial sponsors and are only used to provide relevant information to subscribers.

6. Availability of Trial Results Summaries

Once Trial Results Summaries are posted to the portal, they are available at any time to anyone.  Health care providers can access Trial Results Summaries directly from the portal to discuss with their patients, advocacy groups can search and share results of interesting trials with their groups, and other interested people can view these summaries to gain an understanding of the trial results.


The Trial Results Summaries Portal enables patients to access their trial results summaries more quickly and efficiently. If you are interested in learning more about our solution, you can click the button below to download our white paper, "Trial Results Summaries: Improving Patient-Centric Communications". 

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