Benefits of the Trial Results Summaries Portal

February 28, 2017 Francine Lane


If you saw our press release, you know we just released the Trial Results Summaries Portal. This solution represents a major shift in clinical trial transparency where we are connecting patients to trial results summaries in a more efficient and reliable manner.

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By leveraging technology and replacing ineffective paper-based processes, we are able to get information to patients more consistently and empower those same patients to control how and when they receive reminders and updates about the study information.

The portal concept lends itself to the business challenge of distributing trial results summaries to patients. Traditionally, this information is printed and mailed to study sites about a year after the study closes. The site staff then compile contact information for trial participants and mail the information to them.  It is a slow process and one that fails frequently because patients have relocated or haven’t updated their contact information. The information is not tracked and receipt is rarely confirmed.

When the TrialScope Trial Results Portal is used, clinical trial sponsors can introduce patients to the portal and direct them to visit the site at any time during the study. Patients can subscribe to receive information about the availability of the results summaries via email. This model simplifies many aspects of the trial results communications. Clinical trial sponsors can post the information once automatically notify all patients who subscribed that trial results summaries are available. On the patient side, no paper is required so printing and mailing delays are eliminated. Patients can access the site 24/7 - whenever they need the information, they can get to it quickly.


In broader terms, the Trial Results Summaries Portal puts a stake in the ground when it comes to patient engagement and education. A streamlined solution that targets trial participants recognizes the incredible gift that trial volunteers give to clinical research. It also raises the patient disclosure bar and invites clinical trial sponsors to shift their focus toward a more comprehensive approach that views clinical trial transparency as a path toward greater patient engagement rather than a compliance obstacle.

Would you like to read more about the Trial Results Summaries Portal? Click below to download our white paper: Trial Results Summaries: Improving Patient-Centric Communications. 
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